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It will be updated soon...
This time I mean it.
(But seriously: Who looks
at online portfolios on their
tiny phone displays?
Nobody I want to be
friends with.)
Hi, I'm [Adrian]{Adrian, an illustrator and [art director]{art director.
But i love to dabble in various [disciplines]{disciplines, such as branding, illustration, webdesign and advertising}}}.
Living [in]{[between]{between ("between" as in "moving back and forth" not as in the english kanal)} London and} Hamburg.

[I]{On good days I} [make stuff]{try to make the [world]{digital world} a more [intelligent]{intelligent and beautiful} place to [be]{be. (And funny,
but that's more of a [bonuspoint.)]{bonuspoint.)
On bad days, i just try to make it suck less}}}.

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Selected Clients:

BMW / BMW Mini / Mercedes Benz /
Red Bull / Barbie / Erste Bank und Sparkasse /
T-Mobile / Burger King /
Die Grünen Bayern / Van der Bellen /
Vöslauer / Ja! Natürlich / Julius Meinl /
Elbgold / Marco Tozzi / My Toys /
REWE / Manner / Vienna Tourism /
Ö3 / Caritas / EVN / Die Presse /
Austrian Newspaper Association /
Karstadt Sports / Immofinanz /



Wynken, Blynken & Nod /
Jung von Matt – Donau /
Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann /

Awards & Features:

Young Lions 2015 / VÖZ: best young team /
Adobe Students / Illustration Friday /
Loves me – Loves me not Exhibition /

Creatives I admire:

Haruki Murakami / Jonathan Harris /
Erik Kessels / Oscar Wilde /
Debbie Millman / Jessica Svendsen /
Yuko Shimizu / Elon Musk /
Amanda Fucking Palmer / Till Reiners /
Alain De Botton / Michael Bierut /
Marian Bantjes / Clementine von Radics /
Hazel Brugger / Tsugumi Oba /
Jessica Hische / Herb Lubalin /